Technical Info

The main difference between the Traveller and Countryman models and the Mini Saloon was of course the fact that they were 9.87 inches longer than a normal Mini.  This was highlighted in The Autocar magazine of 23rd September 1960 in their article about the launch of the estate models:

"Today, when many motorists take their cars abroad, it is of interest to note that this increased length does not affect
charges for any of the cross-Channel air ferry services and hardly any of the boats."

If only we we charged by vehicle length when taking our Countryman or Traveller abroad these days!
Colours and Trim

The choice of paint colours and interior trim for the Morris Mini Traveller and the Austin Countryman were based on those available for the Mini Saloons of the time.  In the early years the choice was quite limited.  In later years more colours were added, however not all colours were available for the estates.

Chassis Numbers

The chassis number for an Austin Countryman or Morris Mini Traveller is stamped onto a metal plate which is screwed onto the car, usually on the radiator cowl (between the radiator and the inner wing).